The Diva Mission

As the self-publishing market exploded over the past few years, Tracey Hudson Countz began to form the idea of what would become Moon Diva Illustration & Design while illustrating her first published children’s story, Boogers Day Out in 2009.

The process can be frustrating and expensive if you do not understand the pitfalls involved.  This gave Tracey the idea of helping other new-time authors in bringing their story to life.

Moon Diva Illustration and Design works hard to eliminate the stress involved at a reasonable price.  Our team is dedicated to producing the highest quality of illustrations, formatting and printing to ensure your story moves from words on a page to a colorful story, full of life for readers of all ages.

In addition, Tracey has also been creating greeting cards for many years. She is often asked to design a special greeting card for family and friends and in her former corporate life she designed a variety of promotional materials for clients every day.

Whether you have dreams of being a best-selling author or need a special card, Moon Diva Illustration and Design will work to make your dream come true.

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